Welcome to Big Open Data Analytics Scenarios and Predictive Real Time Models.

Emerging marketplaces and scenarios,
demand for big data analytics capability to better manage grid operations to better plan middle long term investments.
Only securing adequate internal investment,
building a wide big open data analytics and selecting and implementing the right analytics platform, and effectively managing the large volumes of complex and unstructured data flooding the network to provide real-time, predictive and highly actionable intelligence to the wider organisation, is not without its challenges !

The most innovative analytics implementations
within the European Smart City and Cluster environments are emerging from the most competitive start ups and from a worldwide arena.

EU ID Number:   EX2017D303402

Joseph Caristena is an EU EGovernment TAIEX expert
(Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations - DG NEAR),
specialized in the following sectors:

eGovernment & Digital Public Services

Social Innovation

Digital Single Market

Digital Economy
(KPI & Budget Performance measurements of ICT)

Content & Media Delivery Network
(App mobile developers & big open data analysts


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