EGov Metrics - EGovernment & EGovernance - Intro

"Capacity building" is the magic term regarding our training activities.

Mission Statement
“The EGov Metrics Training Programme advances freedom vision minded concepts and principles
and edemocracy worldwide by helping government institutions to become more issue-based and responsive,
assisting citizens to participate in government planning, and working to increase the role of
marginalized groups in the political and civic process – including women and youth”

Based on a very practical and comprehensive training approach the EGov Metrics provides a high skilled training programme to South East European and Balcan Countries beneficiaries as well as to other Government Agencies and Institutions.

The overall goal of these training activities is to enable our target audiences to develop their own ICT,
EGovernment and EGovernance management strategies and processes.

"Rethinking our society with a creative approach is the best way to find innovative social models"
says Joseph Caristena.

All large organizations deal with a major strategic issue: Adapting and embracing the digital economy.
How will Governments, citizens and the small and medium enterprises become competitive in the middle of a digital revolution which is getting faster and faster ?

Large companies, whatever their sector of activities (BtoC or BtoB, industry or service), have to face new customer behaviors, new ways of relating with customers, new time tuning matching aspects, multi and mobile channels, the revolution of the digital media ecosystem as well as the growing influence of social media, new competition from pure players with challenging business models, the question mark of big data, the issue of integrating digital native managers and employees...

The question for these companies is no longer whether they must go digital, but how to do it.

Well, look no further, we have done the research so we could show you step by step the best and safest way how to access the
basics of EGovernment, EGovernance and Social Innovation.

EGov Metrics has this focus sharpened in all training programmes and workshops events.

We can address many of your inquiries and practical problems by offering training events that range from sessions addressing basic issues of ICT management and EGovernment and EGovernance programmes, up to more advanced workshops covering rather specialised subjects and topics such as Social Innovation, Technology Transfer, Smart Cities and Cluster Neighbourhoods.


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