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Smart Apps Creator is an apps design software based on pc.

It can design multimedia interactive apps and it publishes our apps to Apple Store and Google Play.

Support & Functions

  ● Insert HTML / PDF and jpg / png / gif

  ● Use text / shape / webpage / pics / audio / video / hotspot, etc.

  ● Apply counter, timer, slides and button.

  ● Link Html database.

  ● Plug-ins / Interactivities / Gyroscope.

  ● Unlimitedly, directly output Xcode Source files / APK / EXE files without installing any viewer.

  ● Real-Time Device Preview.

Directly output ios (Xcode source files) and publish to Apple store without installing any third party apps.

Directly output .apk, publish to Google Play and install your apps on Android devices without installing any viewer.

Directly output .exe and show your result on pc device without installing any viewer.

Interactivity is the most attractive feature in SAC.
Through a logical design, we can create a multimedia interactive apps to let users play
with their fingers.
We can decide the next action of an object and decide what will happen when users' finger touch or drag an object.

Attractive Features

● Directly output Xcode source files (for iPad/iPhone), .apk (for Android), .exe (for Windows) files
    without installing any viewer on your device.

● Smart Apps Creator is based on pc. It can create more interactive and attractive apps than other usual online apps makers.

● No need programming skill. MS Office-like interface. Easiest way to create multimedia interactive apps.

● Real-Time Test: A Real-Time Device Preview function. Let you preview your apps before publishing to store.

● Unlimitedly create multimedia interactive apps, everyone can download and publish to Apple store/Google play.


Included 6 months of online technical assistance

with remote desktop connection using the software Ammyy.
(Only for volume licensing over 50)

The easiest way to establish remote desktop connection.
Our team on a scheduled basis will give you support
in each step of your multimedia project development.

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